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Niedersachsen-Ticket Plus Groningen

With the Niedersachsen-Ticket plus Groningen, you don't only get to travel all day in the whole of Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg, but also make a trip to Groningen.  How do you fancy a stroll round the market in Groningen, for example?



  • Unlimited journeys on one day
  • Valid from 09:00 on Mondays to Fridays to 03:00 the following day, at weekends and on public holidays including Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve from 00:00.
  • Up to 5 people can travel together. Alternatively, you can travel as a family group, i.e. parent/grandparent (who must be stated on the ticket as the ticket holder) and, if applicable, an additional passenger (e.g. spouse) accompanied by any number of their own children/grandchildren under 15 years of age who travel free of charge.
  • To validate your Niedersachsen-Ticket plus Groningen ticket, the names of all paying passengers must be entered in the appropriate space on the online ticket before travel commences (with the exception of the name(s) already entered on the online ticket when the booking is made); children travelling free of charge accompanied by their parents/grandparents are not listed.

Further information on the offer can be found here


Area of validity:

  • On all local trains in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg, on IC/EC trains between Bremen and Norddeich Mole/Emden Außenhafen and in 2nd Class on ARRIVA trains between Leer and Groningen.


Regulated fares and further information on the area of validity can be found here

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The ticket is only valid in conjunction with an official identity document with a photograph, e.g. ID card, passport, of the ticket owner.

Price: €33.00