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Bicycle day ticket for local transport

Offer of the Germany tariff

Load your bike, take your seat and then get out at your tour's starting point. DB's local trains are a fast, convenient way to get to Germany's most beautiful cycling routes.

Almost all regional trains have a multi-purpose carriage for transporting bikes. Marked with a bicycle symbol on the outside, they are normally located either at the very start or end of a train. We normally try to accommodate as many bicycles as possible. However, safety can be compromised if too many people try to board with a bicycle, so we cannot always guarantee a place for every bike. We would ask you to follow the instructions of our staff and take a later train, if necessary.


Terms and conditions

  • Nationwide, bicycle transportation is possible for 1 entire day (until 03:00 the following day)
  • Bicycle trailers are only taken along if they are folded up and placed on the designated luggage racks like a load. The transport is free of charge
  • Any child aged 0-6 accompanying you can bring their bicycle for free



  • On board all local transport trains (IRE, RE, RB and S-Bahn)
  • Different tariff regulations may apply in certain states and transport associations


A list of all railway operators that accept the ticket:





In case you already have a bahn.de account, you can directly book your ticket there:

Book your ticket on bahn.de


Further information about transporting bicycles is available here:

Further information on the Germany tariff can be found at:


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The ticket is only valid in conjunction with an official identity document with a photograph, e.g. ID card, passport, of the ticket owner.

Price: €6.50